Barbara Ehnes

Stages and Concepts

Curators: Gesine Danckwart, 
Matthias Lilienthal

Texts: Ginka Steinwachs
Translations: Pham Thi Hoai
Assistant: Hsiu-Ying Hau, Rogier Hardeman

With: Hsiu-Ying Hau and telephone partners in Vietnam: Mrs. Dang, Thuy Trang, Mr. Dinh, Tuan Anh, Mrs. Le, Hong Nhung, Mrs. Pham, Kim Chung, Mrs. Thai, Mai Lan, Mrs. Vu, 
Thi Hai Ha
Telephone partners in Berlin and Dresden:
Mrs. Phung, Hang Thanh, Mrs. 
Anke Nguyen

Performance and publication as part of the festival ”Dong Xuan.” Vietnamese in Berlin, November 21-27.11.2010 — Hebbel am Ufer / Dong Xuan Center, Berlin, 2010