Barbara Ehnes

Stages and Concepts

Production manager: Sven Heier
Dramaturge: Patrick Wymann
Assistant: Serkan Zihli, Berkut Ay Günel
Idea and concept "X Wohnungen": Matthias Lilienthal

With: Burçin, Biricik, Vivien Bullert, Canan, Demet, Franz Jakob Dunkel, Ebru, Falk Hüzmeli, Ulas, Serkan Zihli

During her preparations for the format “X Wohnungen” (“X Homes”) in the Istanbul neighbourhood of Tarlabaşı, Barbara Ehnes came across the transvestite and transgender community. Together with Burçin Korkmaz she set up a small exhibition in Korkmaz’s flat, where they exchanged the personal photos hanging on the walls for self-made transsexual and transvestite wedding and family photos as well as seemingly official shots of transsexuals in distinguished political functions. Burçin Korkmaz, who led visitors through the exhibit, maintained the validity of these fictitious claims as if they were a self-evident part of Turkey’s social reality.

X Daireler X Wohnungen X Apartments - Station: Transgelinler — 16th International Istanbul Theatre Festival, 2008