Barbara Ehnes

Stages and Concepts

Video portraits and performance
Commissioned work of 
Wiener Festwochen theatre director Stefanie Carp

Coproduction: Istanbul Foundation for arts and culture
Cutter: Özlem Konuk
Translator and assistant Istanbul: Sila Özfuruncu
Assistant Vienna: Ece Anisoglu
Live translation Vienna: Ece Anisoglu, Evrim Ersan, Linda Say, 
Oncel Seçgin, Anıl Üver, Evren Yazici
Live translation Berlin: Kadriye Akbiyik, Kerem Can, Ersan Mondtag, Rezan Temiz, Fatih Ünal

Mit: Burçin Korkmaz, Elçin Yaman

Kuppelzelt am Karlsplatz/Resselpark

In an extensive research project, Barbara Ehnes conducted interviews with transsexuals and transvestites from Tarlabaşı, a neighbourhood of Istanbul, on their living conditions, their backgrounds and discrimination against homosexuals. As a result, five cinematic portraits were created which were shown simultaneously as an installation inside a domed tent. After viewing the videos, visitors were invited to engage in a discussion with the two protagonists. At Berlin’s HAU, this work was supplemented by an additional event in which Turkish audience members invited the protagonists to join them on a tour through “their” Berlin.

Transgelinler — Wiener Festwochen, 2009