Barbara Ehnes

Stages and Concepts

Artistic Direction X Wohnungen Suburbs 2005:
Matthias Lilienthal

In cooperation with Åsa Frankenberg
Dramaturge: Matthias Rick, 
Arved Schultze
Production manager: Sven Heier
Tech: Piotr Rybkowski, Eddi Scholz
Assistant: Margret Burneleit

With: „Die grüne Medizin“

The third edition of “X Wohnungen” (“X Homes”) took place in 2005 in Berlin and was dedicated to the city’s suburban structures. It devised two tour routes that led through the West Berlin satellite town Märkisches Viertel. Barbara Ehnes’ production aimed to find this youth scene, which has been the subject of so many discussions and songs, and render it visible. To that end, she provided a group of young people with a large, empty flat in one of the tower blocks. It was to become a new site where they could live their lives, pursue their aspirations and develop their own cosmos: “Grüne Medizin / SOS Home” (“Green Medicine / S.O.S Home”) was developed by and with some twenty young people between 16 and 20 years of age who rapped, spray-painted and named themselves after their favourite drug, pot, the “green medicine”. They set up a recording studio and a lounge inside the flat. They recorded a CD and tried to generate awareness for their group (with T-shirts, stickers, etc). A large, spray-painted banner was hung from the balcony to distinguish them as “squatters” and draw the neighbourhood’s attention to them – an eye-catcher among rows upon rows of urban housing. Audience members were led into the recording studio, where the young performers were waiting to interact with them. Reacting to impulses from the audience, they rapped and produced a vast number of songs that largely dealt with their situation in life and the people they were meeting. To conclude the project, they put on a concert at Berlin’s HAU. — Arved Schultze

X Wohnungen Suburbs 2005 – Station: S.O.S. HOME — Märkisches Viertel, Berlin, 2005