Barbara Ehnes

Stages and Concepts

Artistic Direction X Firmen: 
Matthias Lilienthal

Project dramaturge: Nadine Vollmer, Silke zum Eschenhoff
Assistant: Lena Maria Hillebrandt
Video: Bettina Katja Lange

With: Sandra Barlian (Administration Specialist), Corinna Bornhorst (Communication Channel Specialist), Benjamin Bruchner (Global Ombudsoffice Intern), Michael Bundschuh (Knowledge Architect), 
Thea Rees (Services Sales Engagement Manager), Sebastian Wagner (Project manager of „Productivity Consulting Group“, SAP)

The platform “X Firmen” (“X Companies”) consists of three tours that each lead through seven different companies and office spaces, in which more than twenty international artists stage ten-minute interventions. One of these tours takes audiences through the SAP headquarters in Walldorf. In her project, Barbara Ehnes collaborated with six SAP employees to conceptualise a vision of the future: We find ourselves transported to the year 2029, and SAP has long-since declared idleness to be its corporate objective. In six performative lectures, the SAP employees outline what this goal has changed for them and which resources they have dedicated to the common good that go beyond sheer manpower. The outcomes are simultaneously visualised per graphic recording. Silke zum Eschenhoff

X Firmen Tour SAP - Station: SAP 2029 — Theater der Welt, Mannheim , 2014